Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zoe Lee's 6th Birthday Party!

 Hello Again!

when we were contacted by the event manager, we were told that it was a strawberry shortcake theme party. however, on the day despite the banner & the decorations not one guests wanted to have anything to do with strawberry shortcake character nor just a simple strawberry on their faces or body xD
we were kind of shorthanded that day so not many pictures were managed to be snapped.
these are the few that we managed to before we were totally swamped!

Zoe, the birthday princess.
she wanted just a simple lips on her cheek to symbolize her mom's kiss on her cheek, just like the one she had on her last birthday!! xD

Zoe pet sis, wanted just a simple kitty face on her hand.

one of many Ben 10 monters

& a cupcake for the hand for the sister
so there u go, no more pics beyond this point...xD

have a great day all!

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