Saturday, September 24, 2011

Karnival Jom Belanja Raya 2011

Hello People!!

it's been awhile since this blog's been updated, here are one of the few events that Sunny Star has been invited to participate & love to share some of the pictures we managed to capture.

the butterfly girl
the princess

the Ben 10 fanatic- he's wearing everything Ben10 top to toe!

Darth Moll

Libas film promoter

Libas film promoter

who am i? i'm Spiderman!

the chic chicka
the Kitty Princess
this Kitty princess was absolutelyfunny in her own way. she just can't decide whether to become a Spongebob squarepants or a Badman to the cringe of her dad. after a lot of coaxing and convincing she finally agreed to be come the kitty princess to everyone's relieves...:D

thank u for ur visit, c u next time!

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