Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Face Painting & 3in One package ( Makeup, Hair n Nail ) for Belle 6'th Birthday

Hello People!

it's been awhile since the last post hey! been rather busy we have been. here is a little update on our latest activities. Yeah we now have a 3 in One package that consist of Makeup, Hair and Nail Art. this is a perfect package for princess wanna be parties and  slumber parties. 

these are some of the pictures that we managed to get on our maiden voyage  It was a birthday party for a little princess named IsaBelle. the party was held at Sime Darby Convention Center, KL. 

The girls had a lot of fun as much as we did.

the Birthday girl getting ready

this was more a case of a dare...a friend dared him to paint his nails for RM5 for each hands. 
& he took it. xD

pink was the only colour allowed on her face for this little princess :D

the 3 in One team

more posts to come stay tune!

Have a Wonderful Sunny Day All!

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