Thursday, March 25, 2010

Face Painting FAQ

Q: What type of face painting do you do? 
  •  Cheek / Hand Art
  •  Half face
  •  Full face

Q: What type of Face Paints do you use, are they safe?
Only the highest quality face paints, glitters and gems which are US FDA approved for use on faces are used.  (Wolfe Brothers, Global Art). They are water based (easily removed with water) and dry quickly to a soft powder finish which is light and easy to wear (no heavy caking or cracking!!). We also practice high standards of hygiene.

Q: Do you come dressed up in costume?
we prefer not to compete for attention, but we always dress distinctly with face paint  & would be happy to dress to a particular theme if requested. 

Q: Do you supervise and entertain children with games etc?
No, this is not included.  We concentrate all our energies on doing what we do best which is Face Paint! To do a great job requires full time attention to each child on a one-to-one level, and we always want to do a great job on every face.

Q:What are your Rates?
Rates vary for private vs. Corporate bookings as well as the hours required. Please contact us for quotation.
Note: Fees are charged per hour (or part thereof), however, you are guaranteed 10- 12 full faces per hour & if we are unable to meet this time frame we will stay to complete it. However, Please Note this assumes faces are available for painting and excludes delays or interruptions due to booked entertainment or eating etc. during the booked session.

Payment and Confirmation:
After making a booking and selecting a timeslot, a deposit of 50% direct transfer will secure your booking, and confirmation of payment will be acknowledged by email.  We commit to keeping in contact and will reconfirm your booking in by phone before the event. The remainder of fee is to be paid COD on the day.

Special Requests:
Custom, special themed and theatrical face painting designs are quoted separately depending on detail required, face numbers and location.

Booking & Deposit Payment
All bookings & deposit payment must be made, AT THE LATEST, 48 hours before the scheduled event.
Priority will be given to clients who book a timeslot & make the necessary booking payment the earliest.

Cancellation & Refunds
By your confirmation & deposit payment, we are committed to your event & would be forced to reject any other bookings. Therefore, we are unable to refund any booking payment or fees due to cancellation etc. on your part.
However, you may postpone your event to a different date / timeslot subject to our availability or suitability.

Q: What is your capacity?
Our capacity per artist per hour is as follows:
  • Cheek / Hand Art - 20 pax or
  • Half Face- 10 pax or  
  • Full Face- 6 pax or  
  • a combination of the above
Please note that we work in pairs.

We do require our clients to provide us with a suitable working area with a table and 4 chairs or stools.

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